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HEBE Plastic Sandboard Shovel Tracks (Pair) HEBE Plastic Sandboard Shovel Tracks (Pair)
Brand: HEBE Model: Plastic Sandboard Shovel Tracks (Pair)
The plastic sand sheets from the Taiwanese manufacturer HEBE® are an attractive alternative to the conventional metal sand sheets or the heavy-weight fiberglass waffle boards. Made of impact-resistant and break-proof polypropylene plastic (PP), they make it easier to recover vehicles in mud, sand an..
169.00€ Ex Tax:136.29€
Brand: Ironman 4x4 Model: IRONMAN 4X4 LARGE RECOVERY KIT
This kit is designed to cater for all recovery and winching needs. Comply's with Australian Standards and field tested for real-life recovery situations.  Kit includes 9m 8000kg snatch strap, 20m 4500kg winch extension, 3m 12000kg tree trunk protector, drag chain, two 4.7 bow sha..
264.99€ Ex Tax:213.70€
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